Are you ready to show the world that you have what it takes to be a Champion Boxer? Go to Boxer Registration to join our roster of battle tested fighters who are bidding for an opportunity to professionally train with Danny Davis and Stephen “Bread Man” Edwards. Two world renowned boxing trainers who will be scouting new talent as they judge each round of competition. Winner of the Bout Business Boxing Tournament will be awarded a (1) Cash Prize $5,000 (2) Platinum Stacks Luxury Tour [departing/landing] Philadelphia which provides a Helicopter Victory Lap over the tri-state area for the Champion (3) and Bout Business Championship Plaque. All participants will be required to feature in promotional videos prior to each fight event date. All fighters image/likeness will appear on all promotional material associated with the tournament and TV series. Fight events will be featured on the Bout Business “Reality” TV Boxing series. Fighters will be interviewed and followed throughout their training regimen as part of the show. If you would like to take part in our tv series / fight events, please fill in your details on this Registration Form below and you will be automatically registered as a “prospective” participant. Event registration must be completed at least three (3) days prior to the event. All registered participants must pay $200 “Boxer Registration Fee” [which buys Ten (10) tickets] and complete the “Boxer Registration Form” to officially confirm registration. Professional and Amateur fighters are welcome to try their hand in this non-sanctioned exhibition. Special Guest judge and entertainment to be announced. Online spectator event tickets are $25 and more at the gate. Visit our Ticket Office to reserve spectator entrance / seating.

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