Viral Sports & Professor Calvin Robinson Jr. [President and Chief Facilitator] presents the Leadership Workshop for student-athletes. Contact us at EMAIL or CALL (267)884-8883 to register your team today.

Viral Sports invites Players, Coaches, Educators, Clinicians, Players and Parents to register today.

For specific instructions regarding the registration process please contact us

– Call: (267)884-8883
– E-mail:
– Visit: 5200 Penn Street Philadelphia, Pa 19124

– Each member of the Viral Sports Football League will be required to enroll into the VIRAL SPORTS Leadership & Entrepreneurship Youth Academy for Student-Athletes. This program will provide services intended to ensure that all pupils are assisted in efforts to attain mastery of curriculum and graduation.

– Academic Support: Weekly report from School Liaison

(1) Test scores
(2) Grade Point Average G.P.A.
(3) Attendance
(4) Homework help
(5) Tutoring
(6) Leadership curriculum with Professor Calvin Robinson Jr. featured on Viral Sports TV
(7) Learn to create a business plan and launch strategy
(8) Develop a five (5) year plan
(9) “Plan For Success” is a compilation of Data, Assessments and Measurable Plan targeting short-term and long-term goals
(10) Pinpoint academic strengths and weaknesses

– Personnel

• Licensed Teacher
• Team Coach
• Tutor(s)
• Pro and Collegiate Athlete Guest Speakers

– Setting

• 5th to 12th grade groups
• Community organization
• Monday-Friday
• 4PM-6PM

 Ask about fundraising opportunities that may be useful for alleviating payments.
Founder / C.E.O. Ramel Tiggett PHONE: (267)884-8883 EMAIL:

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