Starting and organizing a VSFL program in your community?

Starting a team in association with the Viral Sports Football League in your community can be a great benefit to the immediate environment. There are many variables to consider and our administrative staff will assign you an Administrative Advisor to help walk you through the steps for organizing a team. We appreciate that you have shown an interest, and we are proud to assist you in getting started with the first step.

Upon submission of VSFL League Membership Dues you will gain access to all required documentation for each of your participants to complete. At this phase, you are considered an Affiliate Member of our first-class national football organization. All members of your staff and team [player] must have all documentation submitted and certified by VSFL administrative staff before participating in any official VSFL events to ensure the safety and credentials of all members of your team.

The next step is to select reliable people who share your interest and are excited to serve the community and its children by establishing a football program. The VSFL provides educational resources which are intended to assist all student-athletes with mastery of their school curriculum as well as staying on target for graduation. Each VSFL participant is required to enroll into the Viral Sports Leadership Academy and benefits from a Fee Waiver as part of their membership with your team. After you have created a list of prospected Board Committee Members you should then call a meeting where you can present your plans and resources to your candidates. At this time you will delegate tasks that are best suited for individuals based on their skill set, personal resources and availability. Each Coach will be required to submit the yearly VSFL Coach Membership Dues before participating in any official VSFL events.

Location Scouting in your community for a football field is a very important step. Ask your VSFL Administrative Advisor about football fields that are available for use. Coordinate promotional efforts with your Rec Leader to inform neighboring schools and frequenting members of any existing programs that are currently operating at your designated facility. This will give you a sense of how many kids are available for your program. You may find a lot of volunteers from the parents of the children who sign up. Once this phase is complete, and you are content with the response of your community members and that there is adequate interest in your football program, then you are ready to move into structuring your team by appointing tasks to your volunteer staff, parents and players.

VSFL will provide you a checklist of things to do and projects to be completed which should be used as a guideline for the registration process. As you develop your Board Committee be sure to assign reliable people to handle tasks such as the following (1) Finance (2) Public and Media Relations (3) Fund-Raising (4) Coach Selection (5) Playing Fields and Facilities (6) Equipment Purchase (7) Care and Storage (8) Recruitment of Players and Cheerleaders [if necessary] (9) Meeting Facilities and any other tasks needed to operate your program.

The VSFL Administrative Advisor will assist you by answering questions about procedures and policies upon request. However, your organization is an Independent Affiliate of the VSFL and will be allowed to run your program as you deem appropriate within the rules of the VSFL.

Each participant on your roster will gain access to (1) our network where their profile can be found for recruitment purposes and users can post and share activities while following other athletes/teams. (2) Private on-line coaching room (3) Viral Sports Leadership Academy which offers academic and emotional support and entrepreneurship workshop (4) as well as the Sponsor A Player program which helps a great deal with alleviating Registration Fees and/or equipment costs

We hope to assist you throughout this rewarding process of creating a safe haven in your community while providing a fun and educational atmosphere through athletics.

Welcome to the VSFL!

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