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Each member of Viral Sports Athletics Programs will be required to enroll into the VIRAL SPORTS Leadership Academy for Student-Athletes [Download & Print]. This program will provide services intended to ensure that all pupils are assisted in efforts to attain mastery of curriculum and graduation.

Workshop Facilitator

Please be sure to have all of the following documents to fulfill all administrative requirements

– Valid state photo identification
– Original hard copy of state criminal background clearances sealed in original administrative envelope
– Original hard copy of federal criminal background clearances sealed in original administrative envelope
– Original hard copy of Childline clearances sealed in original administrative envelope
– Resume
– Minimum 2 years of college
– Minimum 3 years professional experience with kids in school or community based setting

Job description

– Academic Support:
1. Tracking and data collection
2. Weekly written report from each student’s School Liaison via e-mail
3. Log test scores
4. Input Grade Point Average G.P.A.
5. Log School and Viral Sports Leadership & Entrepreneurship Academy attendance
6. Intermediate duties between school and parent regarding all data collected
7. Homework help
8. Tutoring
9. Weekly presentation on device of Leadership & Entrepreneurship curriculum with Professor Calvin Robinson Jr. featured on Viral Sports TV
10. Guide students during in class assignments ie. How to create a business plan and launch strategy downloadable worksheets
11. Assist students with developing a five (5) year plan
12. Maintain online files pertaining to each student’s “Plan For Success” which is a compilation of Data, Assessments and a Measurable Plan targeting short-term and long-term goals
13. Pinpoint academic strengths and weaknesses

– Personnel

• Workshop Facilitator
• Team Coach
• Tutor(s)
• Pro and Collegiate Athlete Guest Speakers

– Setting

• Classroom setting 5th to 12th grade groups
• Community organization
• Monday-Friday
• 4PM-6PM
• Closed on all national holidays

– Enrollment Capacity 21 to 32 student-athletes

– Salary: $20 hr.

Private contractor fee for service

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