Executive Summary

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Business Name:

Full Name [Owner / C.E.O.]:

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The Hook: Lead with the most exciting statement of why you have a really big idea in 2 to 3 sentences.:

Explain clearly the problem (current or imminent) that your service or product solves for the consumer market, or opportunity you are going to exploit in 2 to 3 sentences.:

The Opportunity: provide the basic demographic details (1) market size or annual capital gains (2) growth projections (3) how many people or companies share the market [competitors] (4) Rate of growth or projected income:

Step 2

Business Description

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Full Name [Owner / C.E.O.]:


Market Segmentation: the process of dividing a market of potential customers into groups, or segments, based on different characteristics. The segments created are composed of consumers who will respond similarly to marketing strategies and who share traits such as interests, needs, or location.:

Your Competitive Advantage: what makes your company unique and able to stand out from similar providers? Illustrate why consumers will choose your service or product over your competitors in 1 to 2 sentences.:

The Model: (1) Specifically outline the ways you will make money. (2) Who is your target consumer? (3) How much money have you made since starting your business and specify time frame? [or submit accounting from an operation of similar size and location. (4) Why will your business continue growing?:

Projections: list 3 short term goals [1 to 3 years] and 3 long term goals [3 to 5 years]:

The Team: (1) List names and roles of each member of your team. (2) Explain the work each member specializes in. (3) Detail relevant work experience with well known companies that provide similar service or product to yours.:

Show and Prove: (1) Show revenues to date (2) Expenses (3) Losses (4) Profits (5) Cash and (6) List of Staff / Employees / Contractors (7) Customer postal mailing or e-mail list and (8) Units sold/shipped each year or to date.:

The Start Up: This should generally be the minimum amount of equity [money] you need to reach the next major milestone.: